Our Team

Our team and working structure are critical to the success of the Derbyshire Law Centre and the work that we do for Derbyshire residents.

What is our management structure?

Collaboration and Respect are two of our core values and we believe that this is best achieved by enabling and empowering staff to have a voice in our direction. Because of this we operate a Collective Management Structure where staff members sit on a democratic workers group. This group makes decisions on the day-to-day operations of the organisation and provides the strategy and actions to drive the Law Centre forward.

Our Members and Management Committee oversee the Collective Management Structure to ensure that the organisation remains true to its charitable purpose. Their valuable experience provides professional insight into the direction of the Law Centre and ensures that we are financially accountable, especially to the Charity Commission. They are responsible for safeguarding the interest of our beneficiaries and making sure we always work on their behalf.

Our volunteers are essential to the running of the Derbyshire Law Centre. Volunteers assist and support paid members of staff in variety of roles including: assessment; administration; communication and events; feedback and evaluation and through student placements.

How does our team work?

The Law Centre currently employs 32 full time and part time members of paid staff. Our team includes a Legal team and a supporting team of Co-ordinators and Administration staff. The legal team consists of a variety of solicitors, case workers, paralegals, trainee solicitors and legal executives. The supporting team includes a range of roles which provide support for: front of house, administration, finance, funding, communication, volunteer engagement, community outreach and HR.

Our staff group is highly competent, skilled and motivated, with knowledge, skills and experience in social welfare law as well as financial and project management skills. Derbyshire Law Centre has authorised litigators who represent people in County Court including Duty Schemes.

Interested in joining our team?

You can find our most recent vacancies on our Work With Us page

If you’re interested in volunteering with us please take a look at our Volunteer page or Become a Member.