Our History

Law Centres were pioneered in the 1970s in order to provide legal access to communities in deprived areas who were unlikely to be able to afford private legal advice.

“The object of the scheme would be to help those at the bottom of the social scale for whom the present system in practice makes inadequate provision. By such means the state could create a greater measure of real equality before the law.”  ‘Poverty and the Law, Social Commentary: September 1966, Michael Zander KC’ 

Derbyshire Law Centre, originally Chesterfield Law Centre was founded in 1990 after a feasibility study from Derbyshire County Council found there was a need for legal advice in the area, especially for social welfare and housing law.

Our history is full of passionate and dedicated people who have worked hard on behalf of the community they’ve served. Over the years the Law Centre has helped thousands of Derbyshire residents access the justice they’re entitled to and we would like to say a heartfelt thanks to the many workers, volunteers and trustees who have contributed to our journey so far.

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Timeline of the Derbyshire Law Centre

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