Schedule of Loss

After your claim is submitted, you will be asked to provide a schedule of loss. This sets out the amount of money you are asking the Tribunal to award you, and so it is important to get it right. The Tribunal sometimes sends a template to complete. You can find a template and more information about completing a schedule of loss on these pages on the Citizens Advice website:

It can be very difficult to value a claim, particularly in claims for discrimination, and if you are not sure how to put a value on your claim, take legal advice as set out above. Some guidance can be found by looking at the most recent Employment Tribunal judgments.

The Presidents of the Employment Tribunal in England, Wales and Scotland have issued guidance on injuries to feelings awards in discrimination claims.  The guidance can be read in conjunction with the information on the Citizens Advice website regarding such awards.

Once you have provided the schedule of loss, it may become easier to settle your claim. The amounts in the schedule of loss usually represent the maximum a Tribunal could award, and when you consider a figure for settlement you should bear this in mind. It is expected that when settling you will accept a figure which is lower than the total on the schedule of loss. This accounts for the advantage to you in settling early and the risks in the case. The difference between the total on the schedule of loss and a reasonable settlement sum will differ from case to case. If you are offered a sum to settle your case, or you wish to work out what figure you should put forward for settlement, you could take legal advice.