Judgments and Enforcement

After the hearing, the Judge will usually give an oral Judgment, and this will be followed by a written Judgment a few days later. The Judgment will also become available on the gov.uk website.  Sometimes Judgment is reserved, in which case it will be sent to you at a later date, once it has been decided.  Full reasons are usually only given in an oral Judgment; if you would like these in writing you can request them.  A request must be made within 14 days of the date on which the Tribunal sends the written Judgment.

If the Judgment includes an order for payment, it will specify how much is to be paid, and by when. Usually an employer will be given 42 days (6 weeks) in which to pay. If they do not pay within that time, interest begins to be added to the amount owed. Once the 6 weeks is up, you can take action to recover the money owed to you. Information about enforcement, and the forms to complete, can be found on gov.uk.

If an employer does not pay, you can ask to have them fined.  Information about this can be found in another section of the gov.uk website.