Employment Tribunal Claim

Making a claim

An Employment Tribunal claim must be made on the prescribed form or it will be rejected.  You can make a claim online by going to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunals/make-a-claim.  You can save the form and return to complete it later.  Alternatively, the claim form can be downloaded to complete offline and send by post.

When you complete the form you must complete all questions marked with an asterisk.  If you do not, the claim will be rejected.  You should give as much information as possible when you complete the form.    If you are unsure about any of the questions, take legal advice from one of the agencies listed above. It is important to get the claim form right, so allow plenty of time for completing it.

Points to note:

  • The claim must be received by the Tribunal within the time limit, not posted or emailed by that date.
  • If a claim is rejected, or not successfully received, you will have to correct it and send it again, so that it still arrives within the time limit or it will be out of time.
  • If you submit your claim online, it must arrive with the Tribunal before midnight on the day of the deadline.  If it arrives even one minute late it will be out of time.

Fees and costs

There is no fee for making a claim in the Employment Tribunal.  However, costs can be awarded against a Claimant or Respondent in certain circumstances – if, for instance, a Tribunal decides that a claim or response has no reasonable prospect of success.  If you are warned by a Tribunal or Respondent that you may have costs awarded against you, you should take legal advice immediately.