At the Hearing

You should arrive at the Employment Tribunal hearing centre in good time, and certainly no later than half an hour before the hearing is due to start. When you arrive you will be asked to go to the Claimant’s waiting room. Tribunal hearings are usually open, and so if you wish to take friends or relatives to support you they will be able to come into the hearing with you. When you attend the Tribunal, you should take the following:

  • Signed copies of your witness statement. The Tribunal will have told you how many copies to provide. A clerk will come to the Claimant’s Waiting Room and ask for your documents at the Tribunal. You should give them copies of the witness statement, and keep a copy for yourself. At the hearing, you will be asked questions on the statement by both Respondents or their representatives and the Judge. You should bear in mind that the statement will form the main part of your evidence, and that you will be reading it, and answering questions on it, on oath, or after swearing an affirmation. You should make sure that all the answers you give are truthful.
  • Your copy of the bundle of documents, plus further copies as directed by the Tribunal if you have prepared the bundle. You should read through the bundle before the hearing, so that you are familiar with the documents it contains and the layout. You might want to take particular note of the documents referred to in your own, and the Respondents’ witness statements.
  • If required, copies of a list of issues and submissions for the Tribunal.

A copy of the Respondent’s witness statements. You will have the opportunity to question each witness in turn. The Tribunal will also question the witnesses, and if you indicate that you do not wish to question witnesses, they will ask all the questions they believe to be relevant.

Further information about the hearing can be found on the Citizens Advice website, or on the out-law website which is hosted by Pinsent Masons.