Have you experienced Disability Discrimination?

Do you need legal advice about disability discrimination?

We’re here to help if you’ve experienced Disability Discrimination at work, in education or with goods and services.

If you believe that a person or organisation has discriminated against you, it needs to meet the conditions of the Equality Act 2010. Our Easy Read Guide to the Equality Act 2010 explains what the different conditions are – view it here.

What is the time limit for my claim?

If you’ve experienced discrimination you will need to make a claim to court. This needs to be made within a set time frame from the date of when the discrimination took place.

  • For Housing it is 6 months.
  • For Goods and Services it is 6 months.
  • For Employment it is 3 months minus 1 day.

We recommend seeking legal advice as soon as possible if you feel you have been discriminated against. Try to record and keep as much information as possible.

Who can I contact?

Derbyshire Law Centre provides free and low cost legal advice to people who have experienced Discrimination.

If you think you’ve experienced Disability Discrimination please contact our Discrimination team on:
Tel: 01246 550674 / 0800 707 6990
Email: dlc@derbyshirelawcentre.org.uk
Text: 07781 482826
Textphone: 18001 01246 550674

Our team will be able to tell you if you qualify for Legal Aid or whether we can offer you low cost legal advice. Everyone receives a free call back to review your case and help you understand your legal position.

Who else can help?

We work with lots of different partners and organisations who might be able to give you more support. These pages and organisations specialise in Disability Discrimination:

Access to Work: www.gov.uk/access-to-work/overview

Investing in Disabled Students: www.snowdontrust.org

Citizens Advice: www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/contact-us

Disability Rights UK: www.disabilityrightsuk.org/resources/adjustments-disabled-students-and-apprentices#_Toc119421704

ACAS: www.acas.org.uk/if-youve-been-discriminated-against-at-work