What are the benefits of joining Derbyshire Law Centre?

Becoming a member of the Law Centre is an important way to show your support for the work that we do for residents of Derbyshire and ensure that we remain answerable to as wide a cross section of the community as possible. It also enables you to have an input into the work we do. If you apply as an organisational member, once accepted, you will receive an invitation to our Annual General Meeting and receive a copy of our annual report setting out the work we have done for the residents of Derbyshire in the past year. Your name is included in the list of members in our Annual Report.

Does it cost to join the Law Centre?

No it does not cost to join Derbyshire Law Centre. It is free to join.

Should Derbyshire Law Centre be wound up, will there be a cost?

Each organisational member would only be expected to pay £1.00 in the event the Law Centre should wind up the company. Like many voluntary and private sector companies in Derbyshire, the Law Centre is a company limited by guarantee and has insurance that protects committee members from any liabilities – unless of course they make reckless decisions which could make their members personally liable. At each committee meeting there is always a solicitor and a coordinator available to guide the members.

Isn’t Derbyshire Law Centre the same as Citizens Advice?

No. The Law Centre is a registered charity that was set up in 1989 to provide free specialist legal services to families and individuals on low incomes across Derbyshire. It is the only advice agency based in Derbyshire that operates a legal aid contract in housing and discrimination law.

The Law Centre employs a team of solicitors, Legal Executives and legal advisers that are authorised litigators. The work that legal advisers provide are supervised by solicitors and area of law supervisors. Solicitors are regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority. They frequently represent people on low incomes at courts and tribunals.

If you have further questions or you would like a member of staff to give a talk at one of your council meetings, please contact our senior solicitor, Tony McIlveen or Teresa Waldron.