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Together with advice agencies, we have made a huge difference!

With  funding from Community Justice Fund that we have received during the pandemic, we have indeed made a huge difference to people’s lives in Derbyshire. Together, we have supported 483,000 clients a year and helped the Treasury to save £8000 per person assisted. This equates to a net benefit to the public purse of £4billion per year!

Our Solicitor is on Bolsover TV!

Thanks to Bolsover District Council, they have invited Derbyshire Law Centre to take part in Bolsover TV.
Lisa Haythorne, a Housing Solicitor, has kindly accepted their invitation to talk about how the pandemic has affected our clients in struggling to pay their rent or mortgage and what we have been doing to help them stay in their own homes.

Watch the video – Lisa Haythorne is on at three minutes in.

We are so proud to be part of Money Sorted Partnership!

Money Sorted Partnership has undertaken its fourth yearly evaluation on how well this project is doing and how it meets the needs of those requiring one-to-one budgeting support. Click Money Sorted in D2N2 Y4 Evaluation Report to read more about the Partnership’s learning and its progression during the year.  If you’re short on time to read the report, here is the summary: Money Sorted in D2N2 Y4 Evaluation Summary

Just in time – the Evaluation report

We are proud to present you with the Just in Time’s Evaluation report. The evaluation report highlights the difference that Just in Time have made for employees with long term health problems and their referring agencies such as Ingeus, Occupational Health and GPs.

Haven’t we done well! Over £500.00 raised!

Our Legal Walkers have exceeded their fundraising target of £300.00 after having completed a sponsored Legal walk last Thursday in Sheffield. The funds will go to Access to Justice Foundation that distributes funds to improve people’s access to social justice.

If you would like to sponsor us, please go to:

About our services in British Sign Language

For deaf BSL signers, we have a video in British Sign Language that explains about the free legal advice that we provide.

There will be more videos in BSL to come.

If you need free advice in BSL please contact us on:


Free workshop for deaf & hard of hearing people

Derbyshire Law Centre is proud to ha working in partnership in response to deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people being fed up of being treated unfairly in work or when accessing goods and services.

British Deaf Association, Communication Unlimited and Deaf-initely Women have joined forces with Derbyshire Law Centre and Cloisters Chambers to deliver an accessible online workshop to inform deaf, deafblinf and hard of hearing people of their rights in work and when accessing goods & services.