Accessible Rail Travel for Everyone

We’re campaigning for better rail travel across Derbyshire.

We’re campaigning for better access at train stations around Derbyshire. Through the Baring’s Foundation we are able to lend legal advice and support to local community groups and individuals to help make our local railways more accessible.

What are we doing?

We are working with local groups to campaign for accessibility at train stations including:

  • Tactile Paving
  • Step free access
  • Disabled toilets and changing places
  • Passenger Assist

How are we doing this?

There are three areas that we’re focusing on in our campaign:

  1. Speaking to individuals and local groups who have lived experience of accessibility issues at local stations. This helps us to represent our community more effectively and to make sure that we are able to offer accurate and direct legal support if specific disability discrimination has occurred in their experience.
  2. To work with owners and organisations who can implement structural change, this includes Network Rail, EMR, Northern Rail and Cross Country Trains as well as the Department for Transport. We are working with these bodies to understand their process of works, the progress they are making and their legal responsibility in providing disabled access.
  3. Engaging with local political figures, the media and the public to raise awareness of the lack of accessibility at our local stations and the legal support available to help those that have experienced discrimination as a result.

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First hand experience is really important to help us build our campaign and have our collective voices heard. Please help us by taking our survey and sharing your story.

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