Our Commitment

How Derbyshire Law Centre® is managed

Overall responsibility of the organisation is provided by a Management Committee, made up of representatives from the local communities and local authorities.  Day to day management is provided by staff members (solicitors, legal advisers and a co-ordination team) who form a Collective Management team.

Management Structure

The Law Centre is an independent organisation, governed by the Law Society’s Code of Ethics. There are 14 places on the Management Committee which is made up of representatives from local groups elected at Annual General Meeting, with an additional five places which are reserved for representatives from our council funders and another five places are for co-opted members to address any imbalances on the committee.
The committee possesses a wide range of skills and experience including:

  • Management (voluntary, private and public sectors)
  • Financial
  • Political (elected representatives and members of pressure groups)
  • Personnel
  • Networking (locally and nationally)
  • Having direct experience of possessing a protected characteristic such as age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation, faith and beliefs or being associated with a person who has a protected characteristic, for example, a parent or carer.

How to become a member of Derbyshire Law Centre®?

Organisations and individuals can become a member of the Law Centre. Once accepted as an organisational or individual member, they will be invited to attend Annual General meetings and have the opportunity to become elected to serve on our Management Committee.
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To download an application form to apply to become a member, complete our Membership application form and send it to us.
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